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This is a collection of the basketball teams that make an appearance in the Kuroko no Basuke series, divided into Junior High School teams and High School teams. Three Kings of Tokyo Generation of Miracles Uncrowned Kings

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Seirin High (誠凛高校, Seirin Kōkō) is a high school basketball team in Tokyo where Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami play. The basketball club was founded only one year before the current story-line by Teppei Kiyoshi, so the team only consisted of first and second-years (currently second and third-years). Quite unusually, the team's coach is a high schooler, daughter of sports trainer, Riko Aida.

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Seirin High's basketball team and club was founded only the year before the manga takes place by Teppei Kiyoshi. Despite only having freshmen on the team, they made their way to the final league of the Inter-High tournament in that year. Notable new members of the team include Tetsuya Kuroko, and Taiga Kagami.

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He is the "phantom" sixth man of the "Generation of Miracles" (キセキの世代, Kiseki no Sedai) (Teiko Middle School's basketball team). Kuroko is Seirin's secret weapon. Although he was an essential member of his middle school basketball team, unlike his former teammates, Kuroko is largely unknown.

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Shūtoku High (秀徳高校, Shūtoku Kōkō) is one of the Three Kings of Tokyo where the Generation of Miracles ' shooter, Shintarō Midorima plays. Although they are one of the Three Kings of Tokyo, Seirin managed to defeat them this year in the preliminaries, denying them access to the Interhigh.

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Main article: List of Kuroko's Basketball characters. The Teiko Junior High basketball team rose to distinction by demolishing basketball teams within Japan, winning the junior high Nationals for three consecutive years. The all-star players of the team became known as the Generation of Miracles.